Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade and a half, even if you despise them, you must be aware of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; a project that was so unnamedambitious and so massive that it was either gonna crash and burn, or it was going to transcend everyone’s expectations and change movie history forever. Thank god it absolutely nailed it. So what it is basically for those who perhaps need a bit of context, Marvel Studios planned out this elaborate plan for connections between tens of movies that would slowly build up an amazing, fantastical comic parallel universe like no other, telling one amazing, big story on the whole, featuring beloved characters from the comics and creating stories on the big screen for all to enjoy, even branching out onto the small screen for successful TV series.


Many others have attempted to follow suit due to the explosive success Marvel experienced in the last 15 years, with DC attempting to create their own ‘DCEU’ (DC Extended Universe), or the Game of Thrones HBO universe with Westworld. Failing in the process to replicate the transcendent pioneers that Marvel are.
Bet you never thought Pixar would have beaten them to it, right?
Yea, neither did I. I mean, what am I even talking about, Pixar having a Universe? Hang on to your hats.
There are amazing things that have come with the advent of the internet and a public forum, with weird and wonderful things popping up here and there that capture the imagination of a lot of people. In this case, kids and adults alike.

There’s this amazing webpage that is devoted to digging into the weird rabbit-hole of Pixar’s massively popular, must-see animated films. This is down to one particular contributor, a massively devoted blogger named ‘Jon Negroni’ (check him out. Seriously. Negroni’s Blog) that has spent so much time and effort to developing a theory that connects all these beloved films together. Quite persuasively as well, might I add. Click it. Now. I’m serious. This is FREAKING AMAZING.

pixar chronology

Here it is again.

Ok, so this is the normal chronology we’re all familiar with, right? This all makes sense, and I’m pretty sure we can all tick off at least half of these listed films if not all. What Negroni amazingly points out is that all these films might not be as random in chronology and in storytelling as it might seem…

Follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole with me, won’t you? I promise it’ll be worth it.

pixar chronology (1)

Negroni poses that this, in fact, is the true chronology of the Pixar ‘Cinematic Universe’. If you thought Marvel’s plans were well thought out, IF Pixar truly had meant for this to be a real continuity, this was spectacular planning and anticipation on their part.

carellIt all makes sense if you wanna delve into this thing.

Disclaimer: I do know it’s more than likely that this is all just internet nonsense, and that Pixar would never have even remotely considered the idea that all of these movies operated in the same continuity. But hey, what’s the harm in connecting non-existent dots just for the hell of it.

Thank me later. Or maybe you’ll hate me for destroying a rather pleasant idea of what the Pixar movies were actually about.

Friday, 24-03-2017